Not one to shy away from anything, Little Bit was the perfect companion to Brewser.

She was the yin to his yang. Brew’s Robin. My favorite pair. Little Bit (Lit) is one of the most unique creatures I have ever met. She makes her own rules and does what she wants, when she wants.

Lit is a 13 year old, rough coat chihuahua. She entered Brew’s life when he was 4 years old and was so tiny! Even now, she is around 4 pounds. Lit loved Brew. He was really the only other dog (or animal) she loved. She would follow him around and try and play with him. Brew, being a bit older, took some time to adjust to this new, very excited companion but after awhile, she charmed him (as she tends to do)!

Throughout the years, they grew up together, with Brew as the alpha. He would let Lit play around for a bit and then once she heard a tiny growl, she knew it was time to back off.

I have so many fond memories of them together. It was always hard for me to imagine one without the other.

Lit has adjusted surprisingly well to life without Brew. About 6 months before Brew passed away, I started to realize that the time may be getting close. Brew would sleep most of the day, so Lit would spend most of her time with me while I was working. I also started taking her places if I had to run an errand or grab some food. I think that slow transition really helped her adjust to a life without her best friend, Brew.

Lit and Brew

Today, Lit is truly just enjoying her life and is very spoiled (in case you hadn’t guessed that already)! She travels with Justin and me, goes out dinner very frequently, goes shopping, and basically spends all of her time with the both of us. The moment after I said goodbye to Brew and watched the vets carry him away, I hugged her and found comfort knowing that she was there. We love her so very much.

You can find Lit on Instagram! Follow @litrulestheworld to keep up with all her adventures! (and possibly some more blog posts about our favorite girl!)