The curious thing about animals is that they enter into our lives and show us a depth of love and gratitude that is endless, free of the constraints of human emotion, deeper and more profound. They have a mysterious thing about them, as though the human experience is enhanced and only understood fully when it’s uplifted by the love of an animal. Brewser embodied this completely, and in celebration of everything he brought to our lives, we’re doing everything we can to give a little bit of the unconditional love and depth of gratitude to all of the animals who are making the world a better place and making people better people.

At The Brewser Foundation, our mission is to do our best to help all pets receive the treatment and care they need to be happy and healthy, which also includes educating pet owners on animal care, dealing with difficult situations and the overall wellness of their pet.

Where does my donation go?

100% of your donation (and 100% of merchandise profits) goes directly to support the specific campaign. Campaigns will run for a certain amount of time with a target monetary goal in mind and the donation will be submitted to them within 2 weeks after the campaign ends. Every donation goes toward supporting the direct needs of a certain angel fund, veterinary office, rescue center, etc.

Blogs and education

We know that giving pets the care they need isn’t just about finances; it’s about education and empowerment of pet owners. Our blogs are targeted to help educate you and all pet owners about various topics regarding animal care, grief, carrying your pet through medical treatment, and more. Stay up to date with how you can support your beloved pets by subscribing to our blog!